• by Krista Starkes
  • 2023
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Videos with a wow factor are always more shareable than those without it. The wow factor is hard to define, but it generally refers to any content that makes viewers think, “Wow!” For example, consider those viral videos of athletes making insanely difficult basketball trick shots, such as shooting a basket while doing a backwards flip on a trampoline.

That’s the kind of catchy content that makes people want to share it with their friends. With a little clever marketing, you can put that wow factor to work for your business’ videos.

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Max Desmarais

An average Internet user watches about 1.5 hours of online video every day. This means that video can be a powerful marketing tool for getting your message before the eyes of millions of people. However, not all videos are created equal.

Some of them are inherently more shareable on social media than others. Here’s a quick look at how to make users want to share your videos on social media.

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