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I have 4 years of Stage Management and Theatre Technician experience and three years of Theatre Design experience. I have worked with small indie theatre projects and worked with touring shows and galas and everything in between. I am currently getting my Bachelor in Fine Arts degree at the University of Alberta and gaining experience in this industry in every way possible.

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Set and Props Design

From napkin sketches to set dressing let's go on a journey and take your show from an idea to the set you've imagined your project taking place in. From realistic picture-perfect homes to abstract shapes and colours floating in space, we can nail down your vision over a couple of cups of coffee.

Lighting and Sound Design

When you must set the tone without saying a word, lighting and sound design will be your best bet. A good design can help place you anywhere, from a cold stormy night outside to a cozy warm day at a park among the chirping birds. A speaker and a couple of lights can take you to any corner of the world.

Costume and Makeup Design

Now when your set is dressed to the nines your actors need to fit into the world of your play, from designing to thrifting to sewing anything designed for your show will be ready to help your actors to get into character. One last touch of custom makeup design can help elevate any character's costume design and bring cohesion to the entire look.

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